Future Plan


Quality Assurance Department

The department seeks to improve educational standards and bring it in conformance with modern international trends.

Binoria School of Linguistics

Courses for fourteen languages are being offered at Binoria under this program. There are plans in place to add further languages. Languages currently being taught are Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish, Malay, Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai, Chinese, Tamil, Persian, Africans and Swahili.

  • Introductory Course    (three months)
  • Advanced                   (six months)
  • Diploma Course          (one ear)
  • Certificate Program.    (two years)
  • Degree Program          (four years)
Features and Objectives:

Course instructors are native language speakers and assistance is sought from foreign students for speaking practice. Students taking up a language are given special guidance concerning relevant countries and regions. Acquisition of foreign language skills presents ample opportunities of translating for and representing foreign delegations and graduates have increased opportunities to be part of foreign projects. The courses also help graduates when they attend international seminar, conferences and other events such as being involved in industrial projects which involves foreign personnel.  


This department will look after orphans and needy children. This will involve imparting modern and religious education, organizing healthy activities and training in arts and crafts as well as grooming these children spiritually under the supervision of professional caretakers.

Faculty of Usul al-Din

This is a four-year short certificate course designed for students who have graduated from any institution registered with the Higher Education Commission. The syllabus includes basic Arabic grammar, Arabic literature, fiqh, usul al-fiqh, hadith, usul al-hadith, tafseer, usul al-tafseer, logic, astronomy, inheritance, seerah, history and other subjects. Improvements both in terms of syllabus and instruction as well as administration for this course is one of the priorities of Jamia Binoria.

Features and Objectives:

The course seeks to attract and train students who have already had a modern school education. The aim is to provide private and government institutions with individuals who are steeped in Islamic learning and can thus propagate the faith in institutions as well as among general public.

Special features include weekly and monthly lectures of reputed Muslim scholars, modern curriculum, teaching methods, hostel accommodation and other facilities as well as a sizeable monthly stipend.


The Adam Institute of Social and Management Sciences is a long-held aspiration of Binoria. This will be a modern certification institute.  The feasibility analysis of the project is complete and endorsement from the Higher Education Commission is in the final stages.