1: Recitation of the Holy Quran
Montessori & Kindergarten
National Students Department
Foreign Students Department
Female Education Department

 2: Learning the Holy Quran by Heart
Department of National Students Foreign Students Department
Department of Female Education

3: Islamic Studies
Dars-e-Nizami Curriculum (Medium of Instructions Urdu)
Dars-e-Nizami Curriculum (Medium of Instructions Arabic)
Private Foreign Students (Six years course of Islamic Studies, medium of Instructions Arabic)
Private Female Students (Six years source of Islamic Studies for national and international students)

4: Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence
Special Course for two years in Islamic Jurisprudence
Deduction of Prayers Times and Fixation of Qibla
Modern Economics and Trade
Exercise in Edicts
Pedigree Science

5: Arabic Spoken Language Course
One year source for Teachers and the students of Jamia binoria

6: English Language course 
One year course conducted by an English language academy

7: Computer Education
One year course for the students of Hadith & Specialization
Hardware & Networking
Dos & Windows
Graphic Designing
Web Designing & Developing
Database & Programming

8: Department of Islamic Jurisprudence
Two years Specialization
Edicts Service on Phone
Edicts Service by Mail
Online Edicts & Web information supply

9: Department of Publication & Propagation
Commentaries on the Holy Quran and Ahadith, and propagation of books on different Islamic topics.

10: Department of Journalism

Services & Facilities:
1: Library
A Spacious Library hall for teachers & students

2: Computer Lab
A modern & well equipped Computer lab
Web Designing
Internet Service
Media Research & Translation

3: Binoria Welfare Trust
Ambulance & Welfare service.

4: Binoria Medical Care
Binoria Medical Centre
Binoria medical Store
Binoria Hospital (Future Planning)
Binoria College (Future Planning)

5: Akhbar ul Madaris
Fort nightly Representative of Religious seminaries.

6: Broad Cast 
A weekly Radio Broad cast on reformation with co operation of Radio Texas America.

7: Edict online
A world wide service of edict on Islamic issues.