Spiritual Development

Department for Personal Spiritual Development

Spiritual Self-Improvement Gatherings:

Gatherings are scheduled at JBA for the spiritual development of students wherein teachers discuss the different aspects of spiritual self-improvement (tazkia nafs).


As per the Tablighi curriculum, dawah rounds are conducted every Wednesday, and talks by different religious, scholarly, and dawah personalities are scheduled. Similarly, Tablighi groups (juma’at) of dozens of students are arranged for twenty-hour Tablighi trips, and similar arrangements are made for the shab-e-jumma.

Three-day tabligh visits (seh roza) and religious retreats (chilla) are also organized and groups of national and international students go on Tablighi trips throughout the country.

Calligraphy and Academic Writing:

JBA has expert calligraphers helping students in what is still considered the important traditional art of calligraphy. Students are also trained in academic writing and many Binoria graduates are now performing their organizational obligations in various national journals and magazines.

Annual Debates Competition

To polish the skills of students for being able to deliver lectures on the pulpit (minbar), media appearances, and presentations, a yearly competition is organized. The event involves English and Arabic debates. Awards and certificates are given to the students for the best performance.

Cultural Activities

To inculcate philanthropy and altruism in students, activities are organized around community services. Some of these are providing the local community with services such as organizing blood donation camps, street cleaning programs, and first aid services for which students are trained. In addition to these, students also take part in tree-planting activities to foster awareness of global warming.

Sports and Entertainment

Olympiad: The Olympiad is an inter-madaris sporting event. The teams of JBA have proved themselves as the most competitive in the events held thus far. Sports include cricket, football, volleyball, and Karate.


JBA has a large, computerized library having an extensive collection of volumes on traditional and modern subjects including history and literature. There is a separate library for female campuses and another library for international students in the international students’ department which has an extensive collection of Arabic and English books. The Research and Writing Department has its own library. All these libraries are equally equipped for students’ needs.


JBA has quality hostel accommodations catering to national and international students. There are arrangements in place for providing everything available to students at various standard institutions all over the world, which is not available to the average university student in Pakistan. These include large-sized rooms, beds and lockers, air-conditioning, and heaters, as well as family apartments that accommodate an uninterrupted supply of electricity, despite the dire conditions elsewhere in the country. Guest houses for hosting families, students, and other visitors are also available.

Scholarships and Awards

Ninety percent of all national and international students of JBA avail the scholarships providing for tuition, boarding, and medical facilities. The Jamia accepts donations from students with strong financial backgrounds which help towards funding these scholarships.

Monthly Stipend

Students are also given a monthly stipend as well as clothing on a yearly basis. Students who excel in their studies are also given additional awards and stipends.

Travel Expenses of International Students

JBA arranges for the travel expenses of international students who cannot afford them on their own.

Awards for Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff from different departments are also awarded for excellence in performance.

Extra-Curricular Activities Stipends for Students

To encourage extra-curricular activities among our students, special stipends and awards are given for excellence in debates. As well as sporting events like cricket, football, and basketball competitions.