Binoria Motto

Serving Islam, internationally, through high quality education, research and resource, networking.

Message from the President

Jamia Binoria is an educational and research institute having the propagation of faith as its vision. Composed of sixty three departments, it is the only institute in Pakistan training students from fifty countries. Following completion of their courses, our graduates go on to fulfill their vital roles as educators, researchers, social workers and spiritual guides for their communities. At Binoria, we strive our best to fulfil the educational, spiritual and material needs of these futures leaders, who are expected to be conversant with the cultural currents and ideas shaping the modern world.

The activities and projects of Binoria alumni in Pakistan and abroad are a source of great pride for us. Their progress and success are source of immense satisfaction and pride for us. Encouragement. As president of Binoria, I would still request the following of our dear alumni: 

  • Sincerely serve Islam
  • Put your utmost in whatever it is that you undertake
  • Be confident and courteous
  • Mix with and integrate well into your communities, as did our Prophet (peace be upon him), and be a paragon of forbearance
  • Keep connected with your alma mater

I pray for acceptance of your efforts in service of Islam and more esteem and progress of Jamia Binoria.


At Binoria, we strive to produce professional, intellectual and spiritual leaders to guide their communities and also help the Muslim world to develop strong bonds with other civilizations and cultures.

Aims and Objectives
  1. Develop and implement educational modules that combine tradition with modernity to equip our graduates to better to fulfil the spiritual and material needs of their communities
  2. To produce graduates who can especially guide their communities morally and spiritually
  3. Establish a standard system of examination, catering to differences between the various schools of Islamic law  
  4. Develop a quality syllabus for all courses being offered at the Jamia which is free of redundant material, and reflective of Islamic culture and civilization
  5. Making quality assurance as part of everything at the Jamia
  6. Developing opporunities internationally for Binoria graduates through viable projects and career planning
  7. Become a center of support and resource for teachers and students of religious institutions
  8. Form partnerships with other institutions for matters concerning education, funding and infrastructure
  9. Facilitate the acquisition  of certificates, diplomas and degrees from representative Islamic institutions the world over
  10. Provide facilities for publishing research papers, academic journals and books
Our Priorities
  1. High quality education to produce intellectuals of the highest integrity
  2. Standard accommodation facilities
  3. Transparent examination system
  4. Extracurricular activities conducive to mental and physical health
  5. Provision of scholarships
  6. Work towards common objectives through mutual cooperation and partnership with others while valuing differences of opinion
  7. Nurturing creativity for better propagation of Binoria’s mission
Binoria Organization

The Binoria Organization is a non-government, non-political organization, working both towards provision of quality education and spiritual guidance as well as performing a host of altruistic activities and social programs. 
Binoria Organization has come a long way since its inception in 1978. We have grown into a vibrant institution recognized at the international level, having about five hundred personnel as staff, working under a package complete with medical, accommodation and other facilities.

Jamia Binoria Aalamia

Qari Abdul Halim was a Muslim convert belonging to Gujarat, India. He was raised as a Parsi and converted to Islam at the age of eleven. Having memorized the Quran and completed his education in Bombay, India, he later migrated to Karachi where he began the Jamia with a single room in Workers Colony in Karachi’s industrial area. The Jamia was later transferred to Nur Jahan Mosque. After graduating from Jamia Binori Town in 1981, his son, the famed scholar Mufti Mohammad Naeem, began his career in Jamia Binoria. The Jamia then grew rapidly and was shifted once again to Nishat Colony Mosque which was added to with more land in the same area. Nishat Colony’s mosque along with buildings periodically constructed on the adjacent land is what is known as Jamia Binoria today.



The Darse Nizami takes 8 years to complete. It consists of traditional disciplines like principles of Quranic exegesis, jurisprudence, fiqh, hadith and its principles, Arabic grammar, literature, philosophy, mathematics, logic, geography, and the more modern disciplines like English and Science.

The certifications issued by the Educational Board and its equivalents are:

  1. Thanwiya Aama equivalent to Matriculation
  2. Thanwiya Khasa equivalent to FA
  3. Aaliya equivalent to BA
  4. Aalamiya Year 1 equivalent to MA ‘I’
  5. Aalamiya Year 2 equivalent to MA ‘II’
Aims and Objectives:

The course seeks to produce scholars conscious of their religious, educational and social duties to their communities. Individuals of the utmost integrity who understand how the modern world works, and who are able to serve as spiritual guides for professionals in every field and of the society on every level.

Accreditation/Facilities for Darse Nizami Students:
  • Experienced and professional teachers
  • Hiqh quality education as per international standards
  • Hostel accomodation
  • Karachi University accreditation
  • Higher Education Commission accreditation
  • Federal Urdu University accreditation
  • Well-equipped library
  • Sports facilities

Graduates of Jamia Binoria may choose to continue with further studies in other educational institutes of the country.


For students wishing to focus more on Arabic, the ‘School of Arabic’ was established separately in the Jamia where the Darse Nizami is taught in Arabic.

  • Instruction in Arabic
  • International faculty
  • Speicial syllabus designed for beginners
  • Compulsory readings in Arabic, English, Farsi and Urdu

Binoria has a separate arrangement for female students which is very popular internationally. There is sizeable population of women international students at the Jamia. The facilities include:

  • Experienced and professional women instructors
  • Purdah Arrangement
  • Women staff
  • Well-equipped library
Alima Cours for Female Students

The six-year syllabus for female students consists of selected material from the darse nizami and newer material. The language of instruction is Arabic. The course makes Jamia Binoria the only institute in the country that caters to international female students not only in terms of tuition but also boarding and other facilities of the highest standards.

Recognition of Academic Excellence by the Wifaq al-Madaris

Jamia Binoria is a member institute of the Wifaq al Madaris al-Arabia Board. The performance of Binoria students in the examinations conducted by the Wifaq al-Madaris has been outstanding. Among the twenty thousand madaris who are part of the Wifaq Board, Binoria stands first in terms of academic excellence and achievement for female madaris, and third for male madaris, its students having achieved thirty one top positions in the various examinations conducted by the Wifaq al-Madaris. This special standing of Binoria was recognized by the Wifaq al-Madaris in 2020 when Binoria was given recognition for academic excellence.

4: Formations (Binoria Branches)

Jamia Binoria has its campuses both in and outside of Pakistan where Binoria graduates are working in different capacities.

Madaris Affiliated with Binoria and its Offices and Different Campuses in Karachi are as follows:
  1. Madrasah Tehfeez al-Quran, Gole Market, Nazimabad
  2. Jamia al-Darasaat, Nazim abad Karachi
  3. Madrasah Arabia, Scout Colony, Gulshan Iqbal
  4. Jamia Hanafia, Aurangi Town
  5. Madrasah Khatam al-Nabi’in, Bilal Colony
  6. Madrasah Dar al-Arqam, Gulshan Iqbal
  7. Jamia Masjid Rehmania, North Nazimabad

Colleges and Institutions Working under Supervision of Binoria Abroad are:

  Institute / College Country    Institute / College Country
1 Ma’had Tahfeez al-Quran Malaysia 6 Dar al-Uloom New York, USA
2 London Islamic Centre United Kingdom 7 Dar al-Uloom Islamia Malaysia
3 Dar al-Uloom California, USA 8 Madrasah Nur al-Iman Cambodia
4 Madrasah Ashaab al-Suffa Istanbul, Turkey 9 Ma’had al-Madina, Maryland Maryland, USA
5 Bankok Islamic Centre Thailand 10 Madrasah Dar al-Ishaat Islamic Centre Tanzania

These institutes are staffed by Binoria graduates who teach Binoria’s curriculum.


1.      Religious studies for International students

A special five-year religious studies curriculum has been designed for international students. Following completion of this course, these students join local students in their dur-e-hadees   (Aalamia equivalent to MA). Students belonging to 67 countries presently taking various courses in the Jamia:

Southern Africa Northern Africa Central or Middle Africa Western Africa East Africa
=== 21.Sudan 19.Chad 10.Cote d’ivoire 1.Comoros
=== 22.Tunisia 20.Congo 11.Guinea 2.Djibouti
=== 23.Egypt === 12.Guinea-Bissau 3.Madagascar
=== 24.Algeria === 13.Niger 4.Mauritius
=== === === 14.Nigeria 5.Somalia
=== === === 15.Sierra Leone 6.Uganda
=== === === 16.Guinea Conakry 7.United Republic of Tanzania
=== === === 17.Liberia 8.Mozambique
=== === ===           18. Burkina Faso           9.Kenya
Eastern-Northern Asia South-Central Asia Western Asia South-Eastern Asia
50.China 40.Afghanistan 31.Azerbaijan 25.Cambodia
51.Hong Kong 41.India 32.Bahrain 26.Indonesia
52.Japan 42.Iran 33.Jordan 27.Malaysia
53.Russian Federation 43.Kazakhstan 34.Oman 28.Philippines
54.Chechnya 44.Kyrgyzstan 35.Qatar 29.Thailand
=== 45.Sri Lanka 36.Saudi Arabia 30.Burma
=== 46.Tajikistan 37.Turkey ===
=== 47.Uzbekistan 38.United Arab Emirates ===
=== 48.Nepal 39.Iraq ===
=== 49.Bangladesh === ===
Southern Europe Northern Europe Western Europe Eastern Europe
59.Italy 58.United kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland 55.France ===
60.Albania === 56.Germany ===
=== === 57.Holland ===
Australia/New Zealand Melanesia
62.Australia 61.Fiji
          63.New Zealand ====
South America
64.Peru ====
Northern America
66.Canada 65.United States of America
67.Trinidad Tobago ===
Special Features and Objectives

Studies are imparted as per the four Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence in Arabic. The faculty consists of foreign graduates and there is a special emphasis on spoken Arabic. The aim of the program, in addition to providing services to international students, is also to raise the standard of education at Binorai by building relationships with countries that have similar academic programs.

6: Quran Instruction and Hifz (Memorization) for International Students

Special arrangements for Quran memorization, related courses like reading ( nazira ), and rules of recitation ( tajweed ) have been put in place for international students. Emphasis is placed on tajweed, which is taught byrenowned recitation experts (qura). Memorization does not get in the way of other school studies which continue simultaneously.

7: Arabic Course for Huffaaz

A special Arabic course has been designed for Quran memorizers ( huffaaz ). Curriculum consists of Quranic Arabic, Arabic grammar, reading and comprehension, selected hadiths and prayers. Students become competent to be able to translate the Quran. The medium of instruction is in Arabic which helps students become fluent in spoken Arabic. Students who complete this course are admitted directly to the ninth grade of the regular school curricular. During their matriculation, these students are able to complete the darja aula, the first year of the course, simultaneously.

8: Binoria Online Academy

Jamia Binoria has an online teaching facility to students who are unable to take regular courses because of professional engagement or other inabilities. Courses include:

  1. Darse Nizami Short Course
  2. One-Year Course for Mature Students
  3. Two-Year Tafseer Course
  4. Special Course for Females
Online Admissions

Those wishing to join Binoria from abroad who are unable to attend regular courses may apply to student at Binoria online. Binoria website has details concerning the procedure for admission.

9: Special Curriculum for Spiritual Development  

A course has also been designed for the grooming and spiritual development of the students at Binoria which includes:

  1. Nurani Qaeda ma’ Ifadaat Halimiya
  2. Quran (memorization and recitation)
  3. Creed
  4. Worship rituals
  5. Selected Quranic verses with brief Explanations
  6. Selected hadith literature
  7. Sunnah supplications
  8. Seerah ( life of the Prophet ﷺ)
  9. Ethics
  10. Islamic way of life
  11. Arabic language

Courses designed keeping the subjects above in view are:

  • Course for Children
  • Nazira ( Quran reading ) for Children
  • One-year course for adult students
  • Special course for women

The aim of the above specially designed courses is the dissemination of Quranic literacy, reaching out to children who do not otherwise have adequate Islamic texts in their school curriculum, catering to the spiritual development of children through the study of seerah and making them more literate in Arabic.


Memorization of Quran (Local Students)

1: Nazira

Children from seven years of age and upwards are admitted to this course. The syllabus includes the traditional nurani qaeda, recitation of Quran with principles of tajweed, daily supplications, basic fiqh rulings and etiquette. Children are taught primary school education simultaneously for which they are accredited. Hostel facilities also available.

2: Memorisation of Quran

Eleven year old children are admitted for memorization. These are children who can recite the Quran with rules of tajweed and have had a primary school education. Students are made to memorize the Quran and taught essential fiqh rulings. Students also memorize selected hadiths. School education is also continued along with memorization up to matriculation and students take part in Matriculate board examinations. Children have separate hostels along with all other facilities.

3: Tajweed and Reciation ( Qiraat )

Girdaan with Tajweed, Mutashabihaat and Accent

A very important division for teaching of Quran, a complete gardaan of Quran along with tajweed rules is undertaken. Exercises for one para are conducted initially, which has expert Quran reciters who correct mistakes of tajweed, lahan khafee and lahan jalee and thus teaching the correct recitation. Furthermore, the mutashabihat are pointed out to students who are taught the methods for memorizing them. Following a thorough exercises of the first para in the way described, the rest of the Quran is completed in like manner. This is then followed by exercises in haddar (fluent reading) during the gardaan of Quran and students are made to adopt Hijazi Arabic accents through training with fluent instructors. Classicals books like the jamal al-Qur’an, fawaid makiyya and muqdamah al-jazria are part of the syllabus.

Special fiqh Course for Huffaaz (Quran Memorizers)

In addition to tarawih prayers and duties of imam for regular prayers, certified huffaaz have the occasion to lead Friday prayers. This course caters to the need for such huffaaz to have essential knowledge of fiqh concerning important and basic issues of ibadaat (rituals) which makes them eligible for such duties.

11: Memorization of Quran for Women

For female students, there is a permanent department for Qaida, Nazra, Quran memorization and Tajweed. Contemporary education is also provided.

Among the female students studying Quran, there are domestic and foreign female students. Female staff has been arranged to take better care of female students.

Undergoing female students are provided with excellent facilities such as education, accommodation, food, treatment and air-conditioned rooms. Until now, a large number of Hafizat who have achieved the blessing of complete memorization of the Holy Quran are performing the services of publishing and teaching the Holy Quran in various institutions.

12: Department for Personal Spiritual Development

Spiritual Self-Improvement Gatherings:

Gatherings are scheduled at Binoria for the spiritual development of students wherein teachers discuss the different aspects of spiritual self-improvement (tazkia nafs).


As per the tablighi curriculum, dawah rounds are conducted every Wednesday and talks by different religious, scholarly and dawah personalities are scheduled. Similarly, tablighi groups (juma’at) of dozens of students are arrangement for twenty hour tablighi trips and similar arrangements are made for the shab-e-jumma.

Three day tabligh visits (seh roza) and religious retreats (chilla) are also organized and groups of national and international students go on tablighi trips throughout the country.

Calligraphy and Academic Writing:

Binoria has expert calligraphers helping students in what is still considered the important traditional art of calligraphy. Students are also trained in academic writing and many Binoria graduates are now on the staff of national journals and magazines.

Annual Debates Competition 

To polish the skills of students for being able to deliver lectures on the pulpit (minbar), media appearances and presentations, a yearly competition is organized. The event involves English and Arabic debates.

13: Cultural Activities

To inculcate philanthropy and altruism in students, activities are organized around community services. Some of these are providing the local community with services such as organizing blood donation camps, street cleaning programs and first aid services for which students are trained. In addition to these, students also take part in tree-planting activities to foster awareness of global warming.

Sports and Entertainment

Olympiad:The Olympiad is an inter-madaris sporting event. Jamia Binoria’s teams have proven themselves as the most competitive in the events held thus far. Sports include cricket, football, volley-ball and Karate.

14: Libraries

Jamia Binoria has a large, computerized library having an extensive collection of volumes on traditional and modern subjects including history and literature. There is a separate library for female campus and another library for international students in the international students’ department which has an extensive collection of Arabic and English books. The Research and Writing Department has its own library. All these libraries are equally equipped for students’ needs.

15: Hostels

Binoria has quality hostel accommodation catering to national and international students. There are arrangements in place for providing everything available to students to various standard institutions all over the world, which is not available to the average university student in Pakistan. These include large sized rooms, beds and lockers, air-conditioning and heaters, as well as family apartments which accommodate an uninterrupted supply of electricity, despite the dire conditions elsewhere in the country. Guest-houses for hosting families, students and other visitors are also available.

16: Scholarships and Awards

Ninety percent of all national and international students of Binoria avail of scholarships providing for tuition, boarding and medical facilities. The Jamia accepts donations from students with strong financial backgrounds which help towards funding these scholarships.

Monthly Stipend

Students are also given a monthly stipend as well as clothing on a yearly basis. Students who excel in their studies are also given additional awards and stipends. 

Travel Expenses of International Students

The Jamia arranges for the travel expenses of international students who cannot afford them on their own.

Awards for Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff from different departments are also awarded for excellence in performance.

Extra-Curricular Activities Stipends for Students

To encourage extra-curricular activities among Binoria students, special stipends and awards are given for excellence in debates. As well as sporting events like cricket, football and basketball competitions.