Binoria IT Department


Software Development

Binoria IT Department is fulfilling the needs of the JBA in the field of Information Technology. The in-house application & software development, under which work is currently underway on 21 different software, among which are notable the first of its kind application is:
* Madrasa LMS,
* Darul Ifta, a cloud-based fully automated application
* Administration Management application which includes modules like:
— Tasker
— Scheduler
— Event
— Guest
* Visa App
* New Muslim App
* Procurement Application, which has automated the requisition system for the Departments.

Data Backup, Data Security

coordination with operators and monthly meetings, and providing educational and technical support as well as hardware-software system installation and quality assurance, designing and teaching IT courses as per the need of the time, computer courses online Maintaining computer labs for courses and conferences.

Computer Lab

Binoria Technical Department provides children of middle and working-class families with computer education and technical literacy. The aim is to impart a skill to these children to help them become functioning members of their communities. There are a number of projects underway which include the Info Tec Collage, CIT and DIT, web designing, web development, networking, automation, graphics designing, and dot net.

Database & Networking

The Database and Networking department is managed by IT experts who are working to gradually digitize Jamia administration and all individual departments. Their task is also to maintain all digital records. From accounts to data management, information relating to all departments is just a click away.

Technical Supports & Trainings

BITS(Binoria IT Solutions) Providing Technical supports for all departments and also arranging workshops for computer operators.