The Dars-e-Nizami takes 8 years to complete. It consists of traditional disciplines like principles of Quranic exegesis, jurisprudence, Fiqh, hadith and its principles, Arabic grammar, literature, philosophy, mathematics, logic, geography, and the more modern disciplines like English and Science.

The certifications issued by the Educational Board and its equivalents are:

  1. Thanwiya Aama equivalent to Matriculation
  2. Thanwiya Khasa equivalent to FA
  3. Aaliya equivalent to BA
  4. Aalamiya Year 1 equivalent to MA ‘I’
  5. Aalamiya Year 2 equivalent to MA ‘II’
Aims and Objectives:

The course seeks to produce scholars’ conscious of their religious, educational and social duties to their communities. Individuals of the utmost integrity who understand how the modern world works, and who are able to serve as spiritual guides for professionals in every field and of the society on every level.

  • To prepare conscious scholars for the religious, academic, social, and welfare guidance of the society
  • To prepare imams and preachers who have the current needs and demands of society and are passionate about the reformation of the people.
  • To develop professionals who demonstrate integrity and responsibility in every field with passion and commitment and a sense of responsibility.
  • To prepare modern legal and economic experts Mufti who can offer solutions to their interpersonal and business complications with support and awareness to the people on every platform.
  • To prepare experts in religious and contemporary education who can provide their services in every institution of the state.
Accreditation/Facilities for Darse Nizami Students:
  • Experienced and professional teachers
  • Hiqh quality education as per international standards
  • Hostel accomodation
  • Karachi University accreditation
  • Higher Education Commission accreditation
  • Federal Urdu University accreditation
  • Well-equipped library
  • Sports facilities

Graduates of Jamia Binoria may choose to continue with further studies in other educational institutes of the country.

Accreditation/Facilities for Dars-e-Nizami Students:
  • Experienced and professional teachers
  • High quality education as per international standards
  • Hostel and accommodation facility.
  • Accreditation with the University of Karachi
  • Accreditation with the Higher Education Commission – Pakistan
  • Accreditation with the Federal Urdu University – Karachi
  • Signing of MOU for affiliation with national and international universities to enhance the standards of educational psychology.
  • Well-equipped library
  • Sports facilities
  • Dining halls, Canteen, and Tuck Shop Facilities

Furthermore, graduates of JBA can get higher education from other academic institutions and the degree of JBA is recognized and accepted in other academic institutions and at the workplace.


Because of the promotion of Arabic vocabulary and excellence in the Arabic language, a department was established under the name “Department of Muhd ​​al-Arabi”. In this department, five years of education including the first year of teaching (preliminary), and it is taught in Arabic.

  • Total Arabic language/conversation
  • International Faculty
  • Specially customized syllabus designed for beginners.
  • Compulsory readings in Arabic, English, Farsi, and Urdu


Given the importance and need for the education and training of girls, JBA has established an education system for female students, which has become popular globally and very famous. There is a sizeable number of female international students at the JBA. The facilities include:

  • Experienced and professional female instructors
  • Purdah Arrangement
  • All female staff
  • Well-equipped library designated for girls
  • Special focus on Arabic
  • Both religious and modern education together under one roof
Alima Cours for Female Students

The six-year syllabus for female students consists of selected material from the Dars-e-Nizami and newer material. The language of instruction is Arabic. The course makes JBA the only institute in the country that caters to international female students not only in terms of tuition but also boarding, medical and other facilities of the highest standards.

Branches and Operating Units

JBA has campuses in Pakistan and in other countries where our graduates are working in different capacities.

Madaris Affiliated with Jamia Binoria and its Offices and Different Campuses in Karachi are as follows:
  • Madrasah Tehfeez al-Quran, Gol Market, Nazimabad
  • Jamia al-Darasaat, Nazim Abad Karachi
  • Madrasah Arabia, Scout Colony, Gulshan Iqbal
  • Madrasah Khatam al-Nabi’in, Bilal Colony
  • Madrasah Dar al-Arqam, Gulshan Iqbal
  • Jamia Masjid Rehmania, North Nazimabad
Colleges and Institutions Working under the Supervision of JBA are:
  1. London Islamic Centre United Kingdom
  2. Dar al-Uloom Islamia Malaysia
  3. Dar al-Uloom New York USA
  4. Madrasah Nur al-Iman Cambodia
  5. Dar al-Uloom California USA
  6. Ma’had Dar al-Uloom Cambodia
  7. Al Madina Institute of Knowledge Maryland, USA
  8. Madrasah Ashaab al-Suffa Istanbul Turkey
  9. Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Qur’an Center Patalong Thailand
  10. Madrasah Dar al-Irshad Islamic Centre Tanzania
  11. Madrasah Al Quran Noor Al Hikmah Thailand
  12. Jamia Binoria Filipina Philippine
  13. Ma’had Tahfeez Al Quran Dar Us Saeed Malaysia

These institutes are governed under the supervision of our graduated students who teach the curriculum of JBA over there.