• 1: Recitation of the Holy Quran
    Montessori & Kindergarten
    National Students Department
    Foreign Students Department
    Female Education Department
  • 2: Learning the Holy Quran by Heart
    Department of National Students Foreign Students Department
    Department of Female Education
  • 3: Islamic Studies
    Dars-e-Nizami Curriculum (Medium of Instructions Urdu)
    Dars-e-Nizami Curriculum (Medium of Instructions Arabic)
    Private Foreign Students (Six years course of Islamic Studies, medium of Instructions Arabic)
    Private Female Students (Six years source of Islamic Studies for national and international students)
  • 4: Specialzation in Islamic Jurisprudence
    Special Course for two years in Islamic Jurisprudence
    Deduction of Prayers Times and Fixation of Qibla
    Modern Economics and Trade
    Exercise in Edicts
    Pedigree Science
  • 5: Arabic Spoken Language Course
    One year source for Teachers and the students of Jamia binoria
  • 6: English Language course
    One year course conducted by an English language academy
  • 7: Computer Education
    One year course for the students of Hadith & Specialization
    Hardware & Networking
    Dos & Windows
    Graphic Designing
    Web Designing & Developing
    Database & Programming
  • 8: Department of Islamic Jurisprudence
    Two years Specialization
    Edicts Service on Phone
    Edicts Service by Mail
    Online Edicts & Web information supply
  • 9: Department of Publication & Propagation
    Commentaries on the Holy Quran and Ahadith, and propagation of books on different Islamic topics.
  • 10: Department of Journalism