Research and Resource Center

The purpose of this department is to develop print content for the educational and spiritual needs of the Jamia and all those it serves. The project of tafseer ‘Ruh al-Quran’ is one such endeavor, most of which was completed under the supervision of Mufti Muhammad Naeem himself. This project is now in its final stages. Important publications include: Tafseer Ruh al-Quran (8 volumes), Khameri Musalman, Muhammd Rasulullah , Nimaz, Tafseer Dur al-Nabvi aur Sahaba Mai, Tasawwuf (Taruf aur Ahkaam), Fazail-e-Quran Azeem, Mustashrikeen (Taruf, Afkaar o Azaim).

Binoria Publications

Works by Binoria teachers are described under the head of ‘Binoria Productions’ which includes books on curricular and non-curricular topics.

Event Management

An event management team looks after organizing the different activities at the Jamia. Some of the yearly programs at Jamia Binoria are:

  1. Khatam Bukhari Shareef

This is an event organized in honor of students completing their hifz, Quran and Darse Nizami courses. Invitation is extended to everyone at the Jamia.

  • Al-Barnamij al-Sanawi

This yearly function is conducted in honor of the international students representing 53 countries at the Jamia. The event is attended by high profil personalities such as ambassadors of different countries and other foreign groups as well as renowned traders and achievers from different walks of life. Invitation is selective.

  • Musabiqa al-Sheikh Qari Abdul Hakeem            

This is a recitation contest has three students from each madrasah of Karachi attend. The categories are those of husne qirat (rules of recitation), hifz (memorization) and the qriaat al-Saba (the seven qiraats). All students are eligible to compete.

  • Annual Debates Competition

One student from each grade is selected to take part. There are two categories: i) Urdu Debates ii) Arabic Speech Contest.

  • Collective Eid al-Azha Sacrifice

Collective sacrifice arrangements are made to facilitate those wishing to offer sacrifice on Eid al-Azha. The arrangements are made under the supervision of scholars of the Jamia. Units are established in mosques throughout the city to take in requests and those who do not have access to these units may also make bookings online.

Binoria Alumni Association

Jamia Binoria keeps a well-connected alumni network throughout the world. The network caters to Binoria alumni and seeks to find ways of mutual cooperation to address the different problems the alumni face, wherever in the world they might be.

Activities of Binoria Graduates Nationally

Our alumni are engaged professionally in different fields, which is a testament to the success of Binoria in preparing its students to engage with the modern world. Currently Binoria graduates are working in a wide range of professions including politics, the military, bureaucracy, diplomacy, journalism, legal services, writing, medicine, Marshal Arts and Sports, Software Engineering, Microblogging and Media.

Binoria Medical Center

The Binoria Medical Center caters to all Jamia students, providing medical facilities for regular and emergency cases. The medical panel of the Jamia has several reputed hospitals of Karachi. All expenses are borne by the Jamia.


The Jamia has recourse to services of both the government as well as private security firms to ensure full-proof security on its campuses. More than a hundred cameras have been installed along with other modern equipment. Professional security managers supervise and monitor all security installations.

Binoria Facilities Management

This department has dedicated personnel who ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas, internet and other facilities.

Construction Department

A team of civil engineers, architect and designers looks after the different construction projects at the Jamia. The Jamia has entered into construction contracts with several reputed construction companies to implement construction plans for the next fifty years as per international standards.

Procurement Department

This department looks after all purchases undertaken for educational as well as boarding, dining and all other facilities. It also has charge of all equipment and materials donated to the Jamia.

Asset Management Department

This department ensures maintenance and protection of Jamia assets and provision of necessities. It also looks after records and ensures transparency. 20/22

Internal Audit

An internal audit is conducted to account for the expenditure of resources and to make it more transparent.