Rules & Regulations For Native (Males) Students Department

    • Minimum age for the admission in hostel is EIGHT YEARS
    • The Student is bound to follow the divine ways of religion (Shari’ah)
    • It is absolutely necessary to offer prayers in congrega-tion. No excuse in this respect is acceptable, except which is permissible in Islam.
    • The student must have his performance in all respect in accordance with the virtues saints of Islam. Shaving, Smoking and intoxicants in any manner is strictly prohibited.
    • The principle, teachers and authorities of the institutions are empowered to watch, check and instruct the students at any time and any where. Compliance of their instructions is obligatory on the part of the student. Respect for the teachers is essential.
    • No student is allowed to keep his affiliation with any political or linguistic party. If any evidence or proof is made available of such activity, the student is liable to be rusticated from the institution.
    • Non-attendance from the class is an offense that is not excusable, unless prior permission is obtained.
    • Hostel students are not allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the warden or his nominee.
    • Misconduct and misbehaviour of a hostel student is liable for his expulsion from the boarding-House.
    • Visitors can visit between Asr to Maghrib only.
    • Week-end holiday in the institution is from Thursday’s Asr to Friday’s Maghrib. Attendance for students in Friday’s Maghrib prayers is essential.
    • It is necessary for the foreign students to submit their passport at the time of admission.