Darul Quran (Hifz & Nazrah)

Hifz-E-Quran is where students are made to learn the Holy Quran by heart. This department of Jamia has a distinctive reputation and students mostly in foreign countries join this department and after completion of learning Quran by heart, they return to their home countries and serve as Imams of the Mosques as well as in Islamic Centers to educate their own country men. At present, there are over 1200 students in this department and for this large number; Jamia has employed 70 teachers who are duly qualified in QIRAAT and TAJWEED.

Class in Hifz section starts just after Fajr prayers. After two hours, one hour break is given for breakfast. Then class is continued till 11:00am. From 11:00am break is given for lunch, rest and Zuhr prayers till 2:30pm. After 2:30pm class continues till Asr prayers. Break is given from Asr to Maghrib prayers. Class continues from Maghrib to Isha prayers. After Isha prayers, one hour class is held of Schooling Subjects.