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About the Jamia Binoria

Jamia Binoria was founded by Mufti Muhammad Naeem in the sacred month of Rajab 1398 A.H. (1978). Although at that time there had been extreme lack of means but Mufti Muhammad Naeem wholly and solely relying on the help of Allah Ta’ala started the work. The price of land where now stands a magnificent mosque and the impressing buildings of the Jamia was very high. The area teemed with big industrial establishments but no industry was there for the development of human mind and culture. Mufti Muhammad Naeem went so far in this struggle that he collected funds through payable loans from his friends and well-wishers. Allah Ta’ala so much rewarded these sincere efforts that the Jamia has got international status in a very short span of time.

JamiaBinoria has been making every effort for the dissemination of the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Students from all over the world are getting education in this institution and this they do after covering long distances and at considerable expenses. Now there are about 1300 day scholars while there are 1000 resident students from many countries. Many American students learnt the Holy Quran by heart and qualified themselves to lead Tarawih prayers during Ramazan. How impressive the scene would have been when these students’ lead Tarawih prayers impress some Muslims to the extent that they offer their children for admission in JamiaBinoria while some give donations.
Binoria University International is founded on the pattern of Deoband. It is a seminary with contemporary education and latest disciplines. The University has an establishment of 12 acres to impart education to about 8 thousands students, male and female. The university has great buildings of two majestic great Mosques, administrations and the staff. The university has become a great education institution since its meager start. It has been catering national & international students.
The university has its affiliation with the Religious origination “WIFAQ UL MADARIS AL-ARABIA PAKISTAN” which awards degrees after the commission of examinations. The degrees issued are equivalent to university degrees and recognized by the HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION.