Fatawa Binoria


App Name Fatwa Binoria
Description Fatawa Binoria’ is a useful islamic fatwa app by Binoria University – Darulifta Department.
The App offers scanned fatwa with stamp & signature (in urdu language) for a variety of subjects and issues relating to our everyday life.
The topics are categorized into sections for easy navigation (e.g. Quran o Hadees, jannat o jahanum, bidaat o munkarat, etc.), also provides the functionality to ‘bookmark’ the topics of interest for a handy reference.
Compatible OS iOS, Android(Under development)
App Uses – The individual fatwa can be shared on via Email, Facebook and Twitter.
– There is a comprehensive search module which lets the user search in both english and urdu.
– User can directly post their question which will later be replied via email and also posted on the darulifta website.
Version 1.0
Size 102 MB